Kieft judges by Veronica: “Actually, its just a red card”

Not only Idrissa Gueye, but also Kevin De Bruyne should have received a red card in the semi-final between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. Thats what Veronica analyst Wim Kieft said after the game ended.
Gueye went out of his book and hacked into the ankle of Ilkay Gündögan. But also De Bruyne does not escape criticism. Look at De Bruyne, that
s not convenient either, says Kieft. And certainly not at that moment, you have to feel that it is not the best time when red has just been given. Hell plant it in. Actually, its just a red card.
Kieft believes that the arbitration will take more careful decisions because the VAR is watching. You know theyre watching. Hes waiting for the earpiece to say its red. They used to walk like crazy and make all kinds of crazy decisions, but nowadays they have the peace.
PSG – Manchester City ended Wednesday evening in 1-2. The return in England is next Tuesday.

#PSGMCI #UCL Kevin De Bruyne gets yellow card
— Yeshwajoe (@Yeshwajoe) April 28, 2021