Kieft leaves light on situation Ihattaren: ‘It does not plead for Schmidt’

Wim Kieft clearly disagrees with PSVs decision to make a statement about the situation of Mohamed Ihattaren. In his column in De Cceit Kieft makes it clear that the club should have solved the indoor rooms. Especially the role of Schmidt is a striking one.

Previously, you dont do such a statement as PSV gave about Mohamed Ihattaren, Kieft is clear in his column. You dont make a player of your club poop in public. Not like that, not a 19-year-old boy, and involving his teammates is a mortal sin. It doesnt work either. This whole affair should have kept PSV internally and handled internally.
Especially the role of Schmidt is a striking one, says Kieft. The football vision of the trainer does not fit Ihattaren, he makes clear. This is never gonna change. During the negotiations they did not drop out with the announcement: we have a gem walking around, his name is Mo Ihattaren and because he does not fit your way of playing, we are looking for another trainer. That
s not weird. Thats the way it works. As a club, you get a trainer because of his football vision and you dont cancel him because of an 18-year-old talent who still has everything to prove.
Humanskieft doesn
t think Ihattaren is going to flourish under Schmidt. Not because the young midfielder does not have the qualities for this, but simply because he does not fit into the trainers system. It goes too far to say that Schmidt is in the process of killing Ihattaren, although the inability to hit Ihattaren does not plead for Schmidt. Youre giving PSV more of a human being as a trainer. A Guus Hiddink or Leo Beenhakker, both of whom could handle tough guys.
For technical, tactical reasons things will never work out between trainer Schmidt and footballer Ihattaren. Whether Schmidt has to let him play as the right outside, like Stengs, Ziyech and Özil and give him a lot of freedom, continues Kieft. But that role does not exist in Schmidts system. Or Ihattaren, like Thomas or Mauro Junior, must eliminate all risks from his game and get around. But then his extra qualities dont come to fruition and you might as well have Thomas or Mauro Junior.