Kieft lyrical after Ajax – Young Boys: ‘At the level of Ajax he is a top player’

Wim Kieft enjoyed Dusan Tadics game against BSC Young Boys: the Ajax attacker was important with the 2-0, and Sébastien Haller has made less impression on Kieft lately.
Without comparing Dusan Tadic at Ajax with Messi and Ronaldo, you see that he is slowly losing speed with his 32 years, Kieft van wal puts in his column in De Cceit. But what can he play football, what does he have the ball on a string, so much control combined with force in the duels is exceptional. Tadic also always sees the right solution and has the quality to wait for it, postpone his choice until the best option passes. At his level, the Ajax level is Tadic a top player.
Where Tadic operates as a striker in the Europa League, Haller does so in the Eredivisie. The Frenchman makes less impression on Kieft. It looks like the energy has flowed out in him. Of course, the first condition Haller has to meet with Ajax is to score fifteen to twenty goals, but you also expect him to play along, play a game point and bring some more aggression in the duels to win it. Normally Ajax would have Brian Brobbey to keep Haller awake, but he leaves for RB Leipzig.
Yet Kieft thinks that the French striker of Ajax will make the necessary goals, partly due to the presence of Tadic in Amsterdam.
If Haller stays a whole match between the penalty point and the five-metre area, he will receive two or three inlets from Tadic, Kieft concludes.