Kieft sees Antony succeed at top European club: ‘That assumption was unmatchable’

Wim Kieft is particularly excited about Antony‘s performance in Ajax’s Champions League game with Sporting Portugal. The former striker predicts that the Brazilian winger can reach the European summit.
‘All attention was paid to Sébastien Haller, but Antony showed that he has everything he has to succeed at a top European club’, says Kieft in his column in De Cceit. “Matchless as he assumed that kick off of goalkeeper Remko Pasveer and allowed Haller to make Ajax‘ and Haller’s second goal. Antony has the flair and brutality that you would like to see in an outdoor player. He is fast, able to pass, score a goal, and has an eye for his fellow players. That Portuguese left-back could not do much of it, but even then you have to walk past it every time.
Kieft also addresses the performance of Haller, who scored four times. “He was sharp and chose the right moments to come for his husband, go first pole or stay away. With Klaassen behind him, Haller must always choose position to the first post. With Steven Berghuis you better stay away, because Berghuis prefers to enter the penalty area with the ball. Haller chose every time in Lisbon and knew exactly when to come for his husband or stay away from the situation. ‘

Kieft thinks Haller can score 20-25 goals in the Premier League in this way, but doesn‘t know if the Ivorian striker should always play in the Champions League now. “Against better opponents, I can imagine Erik ten Hag keeping him out of the base at times. If there is a lot of space behind a defense, you need speed. There’s not the power of Haller.