Kieft: Unreliable as a defender, doesnt reach level where PSV wants to

Wim Kieft thinks its only because of Walter Benítezs blunder that PSV did not win over Rangers in the Champions League playoffs. Nevertheless, the former striker is not concerned about the Argentine goalkeeper, but he does have doubts about Jordan Teze and Armando Obispo.
According to Kieft, PSV does not have to fear that Benítez will become a problem. He doesnt make that impression, even after he missed so terribly. He also looks very reliable, is good in the air and there is just a good head on that boy. Thats why the mistake will be a one-off, he writes in his column in De Cceit.
The reservations about Armando Obispo and Jordan Teze are greater, Kieft continues. They do not reach the level that PSV wants to grow to, although Teze was recently summoned by national coach Louis van Gaal. He is a wild player, sloppy in possession of the ball and unreliable as a defender, the harsh verdict reads.
Kieft saw that Teze was still getting away well in Glasgow. He called out about himself that the VAR was going to see if he made hands out of a corner of the Scots. If, like him, you move your arm to a ball so strangely, it can just become hands. He escaped this time, because on television it seemed clear that Teze touched the ball with his arm.