King and queen violate corona rule on holiday in Greece

Vacation photos of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are available on the internet. One of them shows the royal couple standing right next to a man, without being held 1.5 metres away. According to RTL News the picture was taken in Greece and the man is one of the owners of a restaurant.

The king and queen are currently on holiday in Greece. According to RTL the photo was taken on the island of Milos. The State Information Service does not want to say anything about it: “This is a private situation”, says a spokesperson.

Reporter Royal House Kysia Hekster calls the posing of the royal couple for the photo in Greece ‘awkward’. “The king is aware like no other that everything he does or does not do is under a magnifying glass. That has been taught to him from an early age”, says Hekster. “You can at least say that his role as an example isn’t so good here.”

Media code violated

This weekend more holiday photos of the king and queen were published. They can be seen in swimwear – Máxima in bikini – aboard their new boat Alma. According to the German boulevard magazine Bild, the pictures were taken on Friday at Mykonos, during a cruise along several Greek islands.

The recordings contravene the media code of the Royal House of Representatives. This means that the family is photographed a few times a year and in return the family members are left alone for the rest of the year if they are not at work.