King Arthur: Knights Tale will be released from Early Access on PC on February 15

The authors of a grim tactical RPG called King Arthur: Knights Tale have reported that the game will be released from early access on PC as early as February 15, 2022. The first edition of the story about Mordred fighting an evil version of King Arthur will include: Story Campaign; Over 30 Heroes and Six Character Classes; Pumped Up to Level 30; Over 50 Missions; Post-Story Mode; Optional PvP Mode; Full Soundtrack; Digital Rewards for Kickstarter Supporting Game; Achievements. In addition, developers will continue to release new diaries, including a recent video about game classes and character design.

But here are no details about the release on consoles yet. More at Square Enix Gamermania a new mobile game studio Xbox Series X style mini fridge was instantly sold out For Destiny 2 Dungeons from The Witch Queen will have to pay extra.