King Charles in first speech: Elizabeths devotion never wavered

In his first speech as king, Charles III thanked his late mother Elizabeth for her love and devotion. He spoke of a lifetime service, which he promised to continue with loyalty, respect and love.

King Charles called his mother an inspiration and example for himself and his family. Her commitment never wavered. Charles praised Elizabeth‘s warmth and wit, as well as her talent for seeing the best in people.

Many cultures and faiths

In his speech, the new British monarch referred, among other things, to the time when his mother became queen, in the early 1950s, when the British were still struggling with the consequences of World War II. The United Kingdom has become a country of many cultures and faiths over the past seventy years, he said.

The state’s institutions have also changed, Charles continued. But despite all the changes and challenges, he believes that the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries have flourished and flourished. He said he is proud of the talents, traditions and merits of all those parts of the British kingdom.

Warm welcome

Yesterday, Elizabeth died at the age of 96, after which her eldest son became king immediately. The 73-year-old Charles has yet to be crowned, but that could take months due to the extensive preparation required for a coronation ceremony.

This afternoon, Charles arrived at Buckingham Palace in London, where he received a warm welcome:

Charles and his wife Camilla were there yesterday when Elizabeth died at Balmoral Castle. Elizabeth‘s other children – Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew – were also present at the royal family’s Scottish summer residence, as well as her grandson Prince William.