King Felipes brother-in-law gets weekends out of prison

Iñaki Urdagarin, the brother-in-law of the Spanish King Felipe, is given a light prison regime. Princess Cristinas husband was entitled to the Juzgado de Vigilancia Penitenciaria on Wednesday.

Iñaki (53) had already asked for this several times and received support from the prison where he was detained, but the court in Palma had rejected the request. Without clear motivation and contrary to the principle of equality, said the Court of Supervisory Board. Other convicts in his case, including his then business partner, already enjoyed the lighter regime.

The Public Prosecutors Office abide by the decision of the judge and does not appeal, reports the newspaper El País. For Iñaki, the light regime means he comes half free. He only has to stay in prison for a few days a week: Monday to Thursday. The other days, he can sleep at home. He is also entitled to 36 holiday days and has a prospect of full release on 1 May 2022 when two-thirds of his five-year and ten-month sentence is over.

Completely without conditions, the new regime is not. Iñaki had already been transferred from the womens prison in Brieva to the social reintegration centre in Alcalá de Henares. This was meant to be a sort of interim solution because he was refused the lighter regime – grade three according to the penitentiary system.

He must participate in a programme for the reintegration of economic criminals, because he has been convicted of corruption, among other things. His volunteer work at the Don Orione shelter in Madrid is no longer without obligation, but becomes real work – as a stepping stone to return to society.