King over photo: ‘Should have obeyed corona rules’

In a Twitter message, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Mรกxima reacted to the commotion about a holiday photo. It shows that the royal couple, on holiday in Greece, is posing with a man, according to RTL News a restaurant owner on the island of Milos. The three are close to each other.

King and queen write in the message that “in the spontaneity of the moment” they did not pay close attention to the distance. “Of course, we should have. Because even on vacation, compliance with coronavirus rules is essential to get the virus underneath.”

Twitterers generally react with understanding to the photographic moment. “It can happen to anyone“, “Such a moment can be captured by anyone”, “You are lucky to be even a human being”, can be read in the reactions under the tweet.

Reporter Royal House Kysia Hekster called posing ‘awkward’. “Like no other, the king is aware that everything he does or does not do is under a magnifying glass. That has been taught to him from an early age. You can at least say that his exemplary function does not come out so well here.”