King Willem-Alexander spoke to victims hit affair for over 1.5 hours

King Willem-Alexander has had a conversation with five duped parents of the child care allowance affair this afternoon. The conversation at Noordeinde Palace started at 2 pm and lasted about 1.5 hours. It was the first time the king started talking to victims of government failure.

According to the parents of the duped, the king showed himself very much involved:

The conversation was about their experiences, as the National Information Service (RVD) announced in a press release after the end. โ€œAnd what happened to them after they came into major financial difficulties because they had to pay child care allowance unfairly or when childcare was unfairly discontinued.โ€

The RVD does not make any further notices about the course of the conversation. The five invited parents did their story in the NPO documentary against the State Alone. In September, they wrote the king a letter requesting his help and apologies. In the letter, they stress that their problems are far from being resolved.

The king reported on Twitter about the conversation afterwards:

The cabinet is still working on financial compensation for parents who have been wrongly labeled as a fraud by the Tax Authorities and often had to reimburse large amounts of child care allowance. EUR 1.1 billion has been allocated to deal with the abuses.

In the kings name

The dupees say that letters, subpoenas and restraint orders with the kings name are taped โ€œon the front doorโ€. โ€œIn our eyes, you too are responsible for the suffering that has been inflicted on us and our children,โ€ says in their letter.

In the Throne Speech on Princes Day, King Willem-Alexander also addressed the surcharge affair. The king said: โ€œIn the surcharge affair, the government has done people injustice literally and figuratively. In both cases, errors need to be corrected and those entitled to compensation should be given them as soon as possible.โ€

At the beginning of February this year, Prime Minister Rutte, Minister Hoekstra of Finance and Secretary of State Van Huffelen had been talking to a group of the parents who were ruined for five hours at the Catshuis.