Kingsman’s new prequel clip talks about organization’s legacy

The authors of the long-suffering prequel Kingsman, which has been rescheduled several times, presented a fresh clip of the tape. It briefly highlights the creation of a new franchise story, as well as the origins of the spies organization itself, which recruits allies to fight villains across the world. The story of the film tells how, during the First World War, a young company of defenders was joined by the son of the Duke of Oxford.

The guy finds himself drawn into a world of murderers and dangers. The film was originally due to be released in late 2019, but it has been postponed seven times since then.

The tape will premiere in Russian release on January 13 and will be directed again Matthew Vaughn. Duplicated Trailer Original Language Trailer More on Gromania Hearing: God of War 2 and Horizon: Forbidden West will show in August with Creepy Tale 2 release date is released July 16 on Steam To Netflixs โ€œThe Witcherโ€ prequel joined by Michelle Yeo.