Kitaria Fables gameplay revealed in new trailer

Publishing house PQuBe has published a new trailer for a future role-playing simulator featuring elements of the action film Kitaria Fables. And it was dedicated to the gameplay elements previously described and new to players. The trailer shows snippets of battles using a classless system: heroes can fight as they choose with sword, bow, and magic.

Players have to gather resources and use them for crafts, particularly to build new weapons. And to send us missions we will be able on the assignments of cute NPC.

The publishing house has shown the features of cooperative passage: for challenging challenges, players can team up in vapors. Kitaria Fables will come out 3 September on RS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The pre-order reception has already been launched on the official website. More on CCeit Chaotic Co-op Rescue Party: Live comes out in the autumn Apple Arcade sees Split/Second heiress – Detonation Racing Vitalina Batsarashkina wins second gold in Tokyo with a medallion from The Witcher.