Kitaria Fables release met without much delight

Kitaria Fables, a role-playing action film combined with a farm simulation, has come out on RS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. Although the game has received quite positive reviews, they are far from the excellent ones. Reviewers billed her from 56 to 80 points.

Kitaria Fables consists of collecting and growing items, all complemented by decent storytelling and flexible combat system. Yet, to get the most enjoyment of this adventure, by no means can be rushed.

Gameplay is constantly artificially slowed down: fast movement is limited, universal storage is not available, characters move slowly. All of this makes some confusion and requires infinitely returning to its original point.

Noisy PixelFarm component in Kitaria Fables can be considered unsuccessful. Hell, yes even with aspects of role-playing action the authors failed.

The dialogues are cute and childish, but they go on and on, more telling and less showing. At first glance the game looks funny and childish, but ruthless enemies and excessive volume of text suggest otherwise.

I don‘t know who she’s for, rather none at all. And it‘s in no way fun.

RPG FanKitaria Fables evokes a warm, unadulterated delight. It doesn’t try to tell you something profound about the world or spark a debate about dictatorships or subversion.

The game is not designed to challenge, humiliate, offend or insult, but to give people of all ages the opportunity to go through fun little quests together. It has adorable beasts and a vegetable garden of vegetarian sweets, which is so nice to return to.

This is the sweetest and most innocent version of Rune Factory or Harvest Moon you can representative. Digitally DownloadedIn Steam is rated mostly positively: 78% of buyers recommend it.

Until September 8, the game can be bought at a discount, for 348 rubles. It also has a free demo.

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