KitKat and League of Legends team up to conquer Wild Gorge peaks

Long rinks lead to gamers getting tired. In order for players to have more wins, you need to remember to take a break. To do this, KitKat with an image of Ice Archer Ash has already appeared in stores across the country.

The collaboration is timed to coincide with the release of the mobile Wild Rift, which is planned this autumn. About their initiative KitKat and League of Legends told not only gamers, but also to ordinary users, creating & laquo; Gamer‘s Dictionaryโ€ according to the results of the survey, which was attended by respondents from 45 cities Russian.

Gamerdictionary Not all respondents were familiar with the true definitions of game words, so the brand created a Dictionary in which each term is described in a simple and accessible language. In it came terms such as โ€œrinkโ€, โ€œlagโ€, โ€œskillโ€, โ€œcheaterโ€, โ€œbugโ€ .

KitKat also plays out a hoodie with a definition from the Gamer’s Dictionary. All the details can be found in our group in VC.