Klaassen can laugh after a change: I wasnt so afraid of it

During Ajaxs cup win, Davy Klaassen went to visit sc Heerenveen (0-3), after he sprained his ankle on the bad field in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. It was a precaution change, the Ajax midfielder expects to be able to play in the coming time.

The field in Heerenveen was anything but good. It caused Klaassen to go through his ankle, but it doesnt seem to have any consequences. โ€œIt was tricky, yes. I had already had a tap on my Achilles tendon before and then I swirled over again. Then it was finished for a whileโ€, Klaassen, in conversation with ESPN, refers to his change.
All ingredients were present for an old-fashioned brawl, but Heerenveen did not know how to make a fist for a moment. That also had to do with the game of Ajax, says Klaassen. โ€œI think they wanted to, but we have shown in recent weeks that we can do that too. Heerenveen also has more football players at the moment, so I wasnt very afraid of that.โ€
Eventually it became an
easy victory for Ajax, although Klaassen adds some nuance. โ€œWe often say easy, but you have to make it easy for yourself. If youre gonna walk around a little bit, its gonna be tricky. If we just play right, it might look easy. But it does not come by itself.โ€

รรฟยฌ Ajax apparently had little trouble with Heerenveen. Davy Klaassen experienced it that way? โ€œIt may look easy, but it doesnt come by itselfโ€ pic.twitter.com/alqg0udXKD
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) March 3, 2021