Klaver and Kuiken believe in cooperation, but merger is not a foregone conclusion

GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver and his PvdA colleague Attje Kuiken hope that the members of their parties will see that they can achieve more through cooperation than as two separate parties. Whether it should come to a merger, will only be determined later, they made clear at a meeting in Arnhem tonight.

It was the first time that the two parties came together to discuss cooperation. In the hall were members of both GroenLinks and the PvdA.

I believe in left-wing cooperation, we have to form a front. How then? I want to enter into a conversation with you about that, said Kuiken, who has held sway in the House of Representatives of the PvdA for three weeks now.

Always overtaken by the right

Every time, we are overtaken by the right. Because there are more, because they are more powerful. Or smarter, I know a lot. I won‘t accept that, said Chick.

According to Klaver, it is precisely the strategy of right-wing parties to drive left and green apart. But it’s the same battle. That the world is being exploited and people being exploited has to do with each other. It‘s because of the system we’ve come to call capitalism.

If it‘s up to him, the imagination comes back to power. Through cooperation, we can bring that closer.

From the auditorium, enthusiasm was heard about the cooperation, but also concerns. For example, members are afraid that their party will lose its identity in a merger, or that cooperation will not bring the desired effect and the left-wing block will only become even smaller.

It lacks left-wing leadership, a left-wing story. We do not get that through a merger, said an outspoken GroenLinks opponent of the merger.

The Clover party has issued a member referendum on whether there should be a joint political group in the Senate House after the Senate elections in May next year. The result of that referendum is on 11 June, on the same day that the Congress of the PvdA talks about the cooperation.

Taking steps

Clover itself does have ears to such a joint fraction. We can keep talking about collaboration, but we also need to take steps. I saw in the House of Representatives what cooperation can bring about. Then green becomes dark green and red becomes dark red.

Chick certainly doesn’t want to go back to square one, but still has questions. Jesse is always like: fun, go! And I always think above all else: but how? I also think that we should take a step, but one joint group is, of course, something fundamental.