Klei Entertainment sells controlling interest to Tencent

Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Chen has announced that a controlling stake in the studio is changing the hands of Chinese giant Tencent. This partnership should help the creators of Don‘t Starve to navigate changes in the industry faster, continuing to create unique projects. The collaboration of Tencent and Klei Entertainment began in 2016.

Tencent helped developers with the release of games in China, with Don’t Starve Together being the first game to run on China‘s WeGame platform. With the help of Tencent, Don’t Starve: Nehome was created for mobile devices.

After the transition of most of the studio‘s assets into the hands of Tencent for Klei Entertainment, however, little will change. According to the founder, they have to rebuild โ€œsome accounting department.

โ€ However, Klei will retain full autonomy in everything related to creativity, projects, operations, management, staffing and everything else. In addition to the series of Survivors Don’t Starve Studio Klei Entertainment is working on the Oxygen Not Included space colony simulator, Hot Lava platformer and Griftlands card bagel.

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