KLM cuts another thousand jobs, total goes towards 6000

Due to the coronacrisis, KLM will cut out even more jobs, between 800 and a thousand jobs. These are on top of the 5000 jobs that already disappeared at KLM last year. According to the airline, the recovery of long-haul flights in particular takes considerably longer than expected. โ€œThis includes continuing and new international restrictions and travel restrictions,โ€ says KLM.

In October, KLM already expressed the expectation that a further 1500 jobs would have to be cut, because the recovery of aviation would be less strong than previously thought. So thats about a thousand now. There are 500 jobs for cabin crew, 100 pilots and 200 to 400 for ground crew.

Possibly more jobs away by quick test

KLM top man Pieter Elbers warns that the number may still increase due to the rapid test for passengers and crew that the Cabinet wants to introduce. โ€œThis reduction is still independent of the new measures taken by the Cabinet. These measures are exemplary for the restrictions and dynamics that we have been dealing with worldwide since the pandemic outbreak,โ€ says Elbers. โ€œEven if our crews are exempted from this obligation, this additional reduction of jobs is unfortunately desperately needed. The effects of the last measures are added to this.โ€

KLM already told us yesterday to stop intercontinental flights through a mandatory rapid test. The company does not want crew to be abandoned abroad in a positive rapid test. Other Dutch airlines also oppose the rapid test. They feel that the Netherlands isolates itself from the world.

KLM receives โ‚ฌ3.4 billion in government support to survive the coronacrisis. KLM is still negotiating a second support package with the Cabinet.