KLM cuts another thousand jobs

At KLM airline, another 1000 jobs will disappear, on top of the previously announced 5000 jobs. KLM confirms that.

It involves 500 jobs in the cabin, 100 pilots and 400 employees on the ground. KLM is forced to further adjust the size of the company. According to KLM, the recovery takes longer, which means that 800 to 1000 jobs have to disappear.

โ€œ The new measures are exemplary for the restrictions and dynamics we have been dealing with worldwide since the pandemic outbreak. Unfortunately, even if our crews are exempted from this obligation, this additional reduction in jobs is desperately needed. The effects of the last measures are added to this,โ€ says top man Pieter Elbers in a response.

The number may be higher if the airline has to stop distant flights from Friday due to the more stringent corona measures of the Cabinet.

As a

result, the intercontinental fleet, 61 aircraft, goes to the ground. KLM staff must undergo a quick test from the cabinet before departure to the Netherlands, and therefore these flights are practically not feasible, according to Elbers to De Cceit.

Direct danger

The Netherlands will therefore become the only country in the world where such far-reaching measures will take effect. As a result, the Dutch aviation sector reports that the Netherlands is connected with the rest of the world, the Dutch trading position and employment in the Dutch aviation industry is at direct risk.

The redundancies announced by KLM on Thursday will not come unexpectedly, says President Reinier Castelein of the Union trade union. โ€œWe hoped for the beginning of the end, but the additional announced additional measures of the Cabinet will be rather the end of the beginning. Many more jobs will disappear if the demissionary cabinet Rutte III persists in the measures.โ€

At KLM, 5000 jobs have disappeared as a result of the coronacrisis. Forced redundancies have been largely absent as a result of voluntary departure arrangements and relocation within the group. The airline has recently been hit hard by the outbreak of the British coronavirus mutant, which brought into force new travel restrictions.


Dutch airlines Corendon, easyJet, KLM, Transavia, TUI and industry association Barin, supported by IATA, state that these measures are impracticable and will lead to isolation from the Netherlands and ensure that Passenger flights โ€” including repatriation flights and cargo flights, including the carriage of coronavaccins โ€” are no longer possible.