KLM gets its way: no quick test for cabin crew

The crew of aircraft does not need to have a quick test before boarding. Demissionary ministers De Jonge (Health) and Van Nieuwenhuizen waive this obligation upon closer inspection.

Last Wednesday, the Cabinet announced a double test obligation in addition to a ban from the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America. If you want to travel to the Netherlands by plane, train or ferry, you must be able to show a negative PCR test and undergo a quick test no later than four hours before boarding. The test also applied to flying personnel.

Unworkable, KLM already told us before the Chamber debate. The airline said that it could not risk leaving personnel in another country in the event of a positive test result. KLM immediately announced that it would cancel almost all distant flights. After all complaints, the Cabinet asked the Outbreak Management Team for an alternative test plan. โ€œOn the basis of this positive opinion, we are prepared to waive the test requirement for the crew of airlines for departure to the Netherlandsโ€, writes the cabinet to the House of Representatives.

The condition is that personnel at the destination abroad must be quarantined and do not come into contact with other people than the cabin collectors, the so-called ‘crew-bubble’. The condition of the negative test result of an ordinary corontest remains.