Klopp calls statement Leeds-players “big joke”: “That makes me angry”

Jürgen Klopp doesnt seem happy with Liverpools plans to join the Super League. The German manager spoke out against the tournament two years ago and does not take those words back now that The Reds are one of the initiators.
My position has not changed, says Klopp to Sky Sports. Its very tricky. People are not happy about it, and I understand that. I cant say much more about it, because me and my players are not involved. We have to wait and see how it goes.
Yet Klopp is clear about the arrival of a Super League. My dream was always to coach a team in the Champions League. I dont have a problem with that tournament, and I love the competitive nature of football. I like the thought that West Ham can play United Champions League. Of course I dont want them to do it this season, because we want to go to the Champions League ourselves, but I like that West Ham United has a chance.
Klopp regrets that Liverpool players were chased out for the Leeds duel. Also banners have been hung at Anfield. The players have done nothing wrong, he emphasizes. This should not affect the relationship between the fans and the players. You dont always have to agree, but the boys didnt do anything wrong. It is clear that something is going to change in football and something needs to change.
With the statement of Leeds United, the German is not happy. I already heard that they had special shirts for the warm-up. We will not wear them. If anyone thinks he needs to remind us that we have to earn it to play in the Champions League, thats a big joke and it makes me angry.