Kluivert expresses preference: ‘Hopefully it will succeed, it will see it’

Justin Kluivert hopes to stay with RB Leipzig. Officially, he is still under contract with AS Roma until 2023, but in Italy he seems to have no future.
Kluivert played on a rental basis for Leipzig last year and as far as he is concerned, the rental period is extended. โ€œI would like that. I have said before that I feel good in Germany. I like the competition and the team very well, so it feels good,โ€ says Kluivert to ESPN.
If Leipzig and Roma find each other, Kluivert will have to deal with Jesse Marsch, the new trainer. โ€œI also talked to him and I have a good feeling about that, I think he has that with me too. I hope it‘s gonna work. We’re gonna see it. I haven‘t signed yet and I’m still under contract with AS Roma, but I feel good in Germany.โ€
According to Italian media, Josรฉ Mourinho wants Kluivert to stay with Roma. He will take those messages for notification. โ€œI haven‘t spoken to Mourinho yet. Maybe he’s calling me, but not so far.โ€