Kluivert still gets red after his change, but gets support: Thats a lie

Christophe Galtier, trainer of OGC Nice, has taken Justin Kluivert into protection. The attacker received a red card from the referee after he had already been exchanged, but the practice master had no understanding of that.
Les Aiglons drew 0-0 at Strasbourg and Kluivert got red a few minutes before time. At that time, the Dutchman was already on the couch, because he had already been changed by Galtier. โ€œI don‘t find that red card right,โ€ the trainer said afterwards to various French media.
โ€œI don’
t understand it,โ€ Galtier continues. โ€œI‘ve heard he’s been accused of obscene gestures. That‘s just not true, that’s a lie. It may well be that he protested, but that is a bit different from making obscene dangers.โ€
Kluivert can get a suspension and that is exactly what makes the trainer so angry. Nice will play in the semi-final of the French Cup tournament in the coming weeks and will also get the squatter against frontrunner PSG for the electorate.