‘Knitting De Boer is back’

After the 0-0 draw against Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Dutch newspapers agree: the game of Orange was not to be seen. Especially the fact that coach Frank de Boer started with Quincy Promes and Donyell Malen on the flanks, and not with Steven Berghuis, is surprising.

‘In the Bilino Polje stadium, the game of the team of national coach Frank de Boer hurt the eyes โ€” except for the last quarter โ€” and Oranje was as grey a mouse as before Koeman’s arrival in February 2018‘, begins De Telegraaf. Next, the long absence of Feyenoord captain Berghuis within the lines is immediately addressed.
The De Boer‘s choice for Malen, already made for Netherlands-Mexico, as a right outside instead of the Berghuis strongly playing against the Mexicans, the Dutch team did not help either. The weakly operating left outside Promes and Malen were found everywhere except on the outside, and Depays replacement Luuk de Jong mainly got in the way. The striker of Seville hardly got any useful balls. ‘
When Berghuis came within the lines after about seventy minutes of play, Orange immediately became more dangerous. โ€œOnly then did Orange throw away the trepidation.โ€

Het Algemeen Dagblad addresses the Berghuis-issue. After 79 minutes of play, Oranje created the first real chance of the match. ‘Invaller Berghuis turned from the right a sharp front for the goal, striker De Jong headed up close to the ground, but the Bosnian goalkeeper Ibrahim Senic saved excellent. ‘ ‘Ironically, that particular moment immediately questioned the choices of national coach Frank de Boer. In the basic arrangement of Oranje Promes (left) and Malen (right) both had preferred Berghuis, the man in shape at Feyenoord for months. De Boer chose two attackers who rarely give a first move, precisely in a team in which lead specialist Luuk de Jong played by the suspension of Memphis Decay. Mountain house barely stood in the field, or suddenly there was danger and threat coming from the wing. ‘
The AD also focuses on the field game under the new trainer De Boer, thinking back to the game of the club teams that De Boer trained in recent years. ‘In Oranje itself, the ball was mostly unimaginable and slow, in predictable patterns, exactly in line with the caricature that arose around De Boers teams in recent years. ‘
‘In the closing minutes Ryan Babel had the winning goal on his shoe, but the understudy finally shot at close range. That was also typical in a way: where Koeman was rescued more than once in the second half, and not infrequently with a bit of luck, his successor De Boer lacked luck. ‘

The Volkskrant said that the people could keep their eyes open during the game against Bosnia was a small miracle. ‘It was an exhausting blow, the Sunday evening match of Orange. To look at, to understand. Summing up of clumsy football: the fuss of Denzel Dumfries and many others when checking the ball and the collective inability to operate striker De Jong with a few fine props. ‘
‘The knitting of Frank de Boer is back. It’s just not a neat piece of work that is created, but a broddelwerk of constantly falling stitches. It was only when the team of the new coach flickered the knitting in the corner that football arose that could arouse some enthusiasm. Almost every time, substitute Steven Berghuis was of crucial importance in the attacks, demonstrating De Boer‘s wrong to put him in reserve, ‘it can be read.
Here too, the lack of Berghuis in the base is resorted to. โ€œHe sat on the bench, because Malen and the formless Promes occupied the wings in an offensive way, as potential declarants for De Jong, the replacement of the suspended Memphis.โ€