KNMI: code orange to heavy snow for almost whole country Sunday

The KNMI issues the so-called orange code for Sunday in almost the whole country with the exception of the north due to heavy snowfall. The extreme weather warning applies from 00.00 a.m. Sunday, according to a spokeswoman.

Saturday night, a rainfall area reaches the south. Pretty soon the rain passes into snow in the south and in the middle, in the southeast it is also possible to get frosty. โ€œThe snowfall will spread north in the night to Sunday. On Sunday during the day the snowfall persists, in total 5-10 cm falls in many places. In combination with a strong east wind, there is a snow hunt, which allows the snow to blow up and create snow dunes.โ€

In the north there is less snow on Sunday, but there are heavy gusts of 75-90 kilometers per hour.

Code orange means formal: be prepared. There is a high risk of dangerous or extreme weather where the impact is high and there is a risk of damage, injury or a lot of nuisance. This could be very local. Code orange can be issued 24 hours in advance if the probability of extreme weather is 60 percent or more.

ANWB: don‘t go the road on Sunday

The ANWB does not recommend road users to go on Sunday. It’s probably going to be extreme weather that day, with a lot of snowfall. According to the KNMI, there is a strong easterly wind and a snow hunt, which can cause snow to blow up and snow dunes.

It can also become slippery on the road in almost the whole country. โ€œDo not go out on the road on Sunday if it is not strictly necessary,โ€ says the ANWB.


Rijkswaterstaat can use 546 scattering trucks with snow plow and 350 loose snow plowers due to the predicted winter conditions. Three special emergency machines are also available at strategic locations in the country, according to Rijkswaterstaat. The machines come into action to combat any ice plates. These machines spray a warm saline solution (about 60 degrees) on the ice under high pressure and thus combat the smoothness.

In addition to the anti-glaze control, Rijkswaterstaat takes additional measures through the use of additional road inspectors and extra manpower in the traffic centres. In addition, additional salvage salvage systems are installed at strategic locations. In this way, road users can help those beaches as quickly as possible.

Although Rijkswaterstaat starts spreading on time, it is expected that smoothness may not be completely prevented due to the heavy snowfall. Like the ANWB, Rijkswaterstaat advises road users to postpone their journey if possible.