Knockout City on release day to appear in EA Play on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

EA announced that Knockout City‘s upcoming multiplayer fun will appear in the EA Play library on all platforms at the same time as the release โ€” May 21. The project is a non-trivial network action, where you need to be able to throw, catch and pass the ball. Studio Velan, which was founded by series developers like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Skylanders, Destiny, Uncharted and Super Mario Maker, is responsible for the creation.

One of the multiplayer features of the project was crossplay – with full transfer of progress and the ability to play with owners of other platforms. Knockout City is out on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, and on the PS5 and Xbox Series it will be available on backwards compatibility.

The EA Play service is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC (Steam and Origin), but not on the Nintendo Switch. More on CCeit Dying Light 2 promise 3 levels of solutions โ€” they affect the world or plot, but how? For Apex Legends presented โ€œArenaโ€ – it’s almost a separate game Next demo Resident Evil Village expanded for a whole week.