Known influencers of Bali put after ‘joke’ with mouth mask

The famous American Youtuber Josh Paler Lin and a Russian influencer have been put from the Indonesian island of Bali. The two made a funny intended video where influencer Leia Se pretends to wear a mouthcap in the supermarket, but in reality only wears some face paint.

The Indonesian authorities could not laugh at the video, which was posted two weeks ago. The video shows that the duo walks through a supermarket. When employees of the supermarket come close, Leia Se keeps her mouth shut, so the staff cant see that the influencer is wearing a paint mask. โ€œNo one noticed! Not even the security. I cant believe this works.โ€ It is mandatory in Indonesia to wear a mouthcap in public areas.

Text continues under the video:

Although people who dont follow the rules usually get a fine before they have to leave the country, the police now want the two to leave immediately. โ€œThat is the only correct sanction,โ€ says police officer Dewa Nyoman Rai. โ€œThey deliberately provoke and do not comply with the health guidelinesโ€.


In a video statement showing the two with their lawyer, they apologize for their behavior. ,, The purpose of this video was not at all to be disrespectful or encourage people not to wear a mask,โ€ says Lin.

The two will be expelled as soon as possible.