Known Russian opposition member fled country out of fear arrest

The prominent Russian politician of the opposition Dmitri Goedkov has fled his country for fear of being imprisoned in prison. โ€œIm going to Kievโ€, the capital of Ukraine, he wrote Sunday on the message service Telegram.

The critic of the Kremlin said that he had heard from acquaintances with close ties to the government that penalties are being formulated against him so that he could not participate in the parliamentary elections in the autumn. The former Member of the State Duma, the Russian Parliament, denounces that every effort is being made to ensure that he cannot stand for a candidate.

Goedkov was released Thursday, after being held for 48 hours in the holiday. His arrest was received with criticism from the European Union. He was arrested together with Andrei Pivovarov, who was picked from a flight to Poland. Hes got to stay in prison for two months. Pivovarov is the former director of Open Russia, the movement of the Russian oligarch in exile and Kremlincriticus Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

For years now, opposition members have been complaining that the rulers in Russia are acting harshly against people who are dissented.

Dozens of opposition members are already in prison.

President Vladimir Putins party United Russia hopes to regain an absolute majority in the Duma in September. Goedkov announced that he will certainly stay abroad until the elections. His family and friends, who are also threatened, will understand that decision, he wrote.