KNVB acknowledges’ miscalculation ‘with Oranje staff De Boer: ‘Rectified with Van Gaal’

Ronald Koemans technical staff at the Dutch team should not have become the technical staff of successor Frank de Boer. This conclusion draws Nico-Jan Hoogma, director of top football of the KNVB. Afterwards, he would have done differently.
Hoogma announced Tuesday that he is stepping down as KNVB director after three years. During that period, he appointed three national coaches: Koeman, De Boer and Louis van Gaal. “From Ronald Koeman, we knew about his dream of working at FC Barcelona one day. Eric Gudde has well anticipated that with a multi-million dollar repurchase in his contract in case FC Barcelona came,” Hoogma looks back in De Cceit.
“After that, I chose Frank de Boer and that was not the success we counted on at the European Championships (Oranje was eliminated in the eighth final, ed.). In the entire process prior to his appointment, by the way, is the low point in my functioning as director of top football. I made a wrong analysis and therefore made a wrong assessment with maintaining the entire staff of Oranje after Koeman
s departure.”
“I thought, because the staff under Koeman functioned so well, that replacing only the national coach was enough to continue the deployed development at Oranje. That was a miscalculation,” acknowledges Hoogma, who then chose Van Gaal. “We, Gudde and I, have rectified that with Louis van Gaals appointment and fulfil his wishes.”