KNVB and NOC*NSF: ‘Early curfew disastrous for latitude sports’

An early curfew to combat the coronavirus has disastrous consequences for latitude sports in the Netherlands. That concern have been expressed by the Dutch football association KNVB and sports dome NOC*NSF to the government on Tuesday.

โ€œ From the sports world, a curfew should only be active at 23:00, so that in the evenings people can play sports (outdoors) after their work and school activities. We see that in other countries sports are also taken into account in the set lockdowns, which allows you to keep society active and movingโ€, the authorities have informed the politicians.


The introduction of a curfew is currently a major issue in Hague politics. The measure is very sensitive to many parties. The House of Representatives has already spoken out against a curfew, which is allegedly supposed to apply between 20.00 and 4.00 p.m. A final decision of the Cabinet is expected in the short term.

KNVB and NOC*NSF argue that the aforementioned period of time will largely stop the latitude sport. โ€œTraining of young people and the elderly takes place approximately until 23:00 at the associations. Volunteers are usually only active in the evenings. People work during the day, take care of the children or attend education. They can therefore not exercise or move during the day. This often happens in the evenings,โ€ said the sports dome and the union.

โ€œ We have to wait and see what the possible measure means, but a further restriction of sports opportunities would not be good,โ€ says the spokesperson for NOC*NSF. โ€œSports makes an important contribution to the resilience and health of society.โ€

Exceptional position of top sport

The top sports sector in the Netherlands has been given an exceptional position by the Cabinet, partly due to the Olympic Games that will be scheduled next summer. Some 5,000 top athletes (including paid football) benefit from this. Unlike other adults, they are allowed to train and compete.

It is not clear whether, when a curfew is introduced, that is to be allowed. โ€œIf you are allowed to practice your profession in the evening, that also applies to those top athletes, we think. But it is difficult to indicate which direction it is now,โ€ said the spokesperson of NOC*NSF.

Perhaps this will be clarified on Wednesday if the Cabinet gives a press conference on additional corona measures.