KNVB appeals to House of Representatives: ‘Discusse to train after 5 pm’

The KNVB has urgently appealed to the House of Representatives. The football association does not understand that from Sunday there should no longer be training in the outdoors after 5 pm. The KNVB hopes that this issue can be discussed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.
About an hour after the press conference, the KNVB will come up with an initial response after the new corona measures. โ€œWe think its weird that the sport is labeled with the term โ€œnon-essentialโ€. Exercising stimulates health and resistance, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, overweight, diabetes and mental health problems. In our opinion, sports is essential , both during the pandemic and for future public health, says the football association via a statement.
Despite the fact that the KNVB has made these views clear to the cabinet, it has been decided differently. In the long run, the measures could have far-reaching consequences for the football leagues. Because sooner or later, playing games at the weekend is no longer responsible if it cannot be trained for this. The KNVB will map out all scenarios by category (the A category and the pupils, juniors and seniors in the B category) and will make a decision next week.
It is important for peoples health to be able to keep exercising during the week. Not being able to train directly affects the fitness of the nearly 1.2 million amateur football players in the Netherlands and is crucial to be able to continue playing football at the weekend. That is why the KNVB calls on the House of Representatives to discuss this measure with the cabinet on Tuesday next. Give us the opportunity to stay physically and mentally fit!