KNVB calls on politics to continue to allow public in the first division

The KNVB has made a strong appeal to the political community to extend the pilot phase with an audience and also to allow the upcoming rounds of the top division spectators. โ€œIt is crucial at this stage for the operation and logistics around the rapid testing process to continue and not to stop.โ€

Last weekend there were spectators in the stadiums for the first time since September and according to the Football Association this did not cause any problems. โ€œIt turned out that everything went fine at the stadiums,โ€ explains the KNVB to DeccEit.

โ€œ At the entrance it took a little longer, but everyone was in place on time. However, we note that the app (which regulates the testing of events with the public) does not work flawlessly everywhere. Thats why extra testing is wise.โ€

Wednesday clarity

Jan Bluyssen, manager of competition affairs at the KNVB, hopes that there will be clarity about the next round of games in the top division no later than Wednesday.

The last matches in the Eredivisie and Kitchen Champion Division are mid-May. โ€œIt is desirable for the industry to receive public at this stage. Also in view of perspective and loyalty towards fans and supporters it is nice to be able to receive (limited) audience.โ€

Due to the current national pilot with quick testing, next weekend there will be a limited audience at the competitions in the Kitchen Champion Division.