KNVB-doctor: ‘At AZ and PSV something went wrong and someone brought the virus’

Federal physician Edwin Goedhart of the KNVB calls the corona explosion at AZ, PSV and NAC Breda a wake-up call. He thinks that something has gone wrong with these clubs, despite the strict regulations.

โ€œIn addition to the bubble at the club, players have a social life outside of football and can get infected. But with these clubs something went wrong and someone brought in the virus and could infect others,โ€ says Goedhart in De Cceit. โ€œYoung people sometimes forget about one and a half meters in an indoor situation. For example, in the dressing room or while eating. If it happens more often, we should consider getting players back home dressed, showering and eating like in May.โ€
Despite the many tests, it is known that positive tested players came into action afterwards. According to Goedhart, the chances of things going wrong during competitions are very small. โ€œNo, there is no scientific evidence for that. Do I rule it out? You cant rule it out, but I cant rule out two Martians landing on my roof tomorrow. But for that too, I do not consider it plausible. I consider it an acceptable risk. You play soccer in the open air, and then the virus blows away. There are few contact moments and the duration is very short.โ€
However, supervision at the clubs can be better, emphasises Goedhart. โ€œToo often doctors, eleven leaders or physiotherapists have to act as a kind of boas. We agreed with the club doctors that the head coach and captain should be responsible for compliance with the rules. Now club doctors hear: theres him again. But players will take it from a head coach.โ€