KNVB draws up corona regulations: Everyone wants clarity

Should professional football in the Netherlands be shut down for whatever reason, then clubs now know exactly where they stand. The KNVB has drawn up regulations in case league and cup tournaments are broken down and cannot be played out.

This to avoid a situation like last season, when the competition came to an abrupt end due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Doing everything to play it all out

“Should this happen again, everyone would like to have clarity“, director of professional football Eric Gudde refers to the documents on the site of the football association.

In general, the KNVB handles the competition and the cup tournament in the same way as last season. With the promise that the league will do everything in its power to play it all out.

When Eric Gudde stopped the league, he explained why no champion was appointed last season:

If the league is unexpectedly stopped, there are three possible scenarios: not all teams have played at least half of the duels (scenario 1), all teams have played at least half (2) and all teams have played at least 85 percent of the duels (3).

Champion and relegators

In the first case, the entire competition will be declared invalid. In the latter case, an official final score will be made based on the score at that moment, i.e. with champion and relegators.

If the number of fully completed rounds of play is between 50 and 85 percent, so as in scenario 2, the European tickets will be distributed based on the current state of play, just like last year. Should there already be a champion or relegator in the meantime, then that is final.

If the cup tournament is terminated, the European ticket that was reserved for the winner will be issued through the competition.