KNVB: FC Emmen may not use sex shop EasyToys as main sponsor

FC Emmen is definitely not allowed to join forces with the intended main sponsor EasyToys. The erotica web shop is said to guarantee a sponsor amount of half a million euros per year, a considerable financial boost for the Drenten in coronation time. There is now a big line through this.

“We are now going to consider how to respond to this, but we certainly have no intention of dropping our main sponsor”, says Emmen chairman Ronald Lubbers in a brief response, in which he immediately announces that for the Drents the sock is not finished yet.

In Emmen people are perplexed by the statement of the KNVB, which can be read below. In it, the board of professional football points to a direct or indirect reference to the sex industry by wearing the sponsor‘s name, which is inappropriate towards children who want to identify with the footballers by wearing their shirts.

Emmen and EasyToys had thought of the fact that young people up to the age of 18 could only buy an Emmen shirt without EasyToys on the shirt. Instead, they looked for charities, which would adorn the children’s sizes. Moreover, the youth of Emmen would also play without a shirt sponsor. Emmen was never able to present ‘the whole package surrounding the sponsorship.

Reaction KNVB

On 9 September the KNVB received the request from FC Emmen to wear the EasyToys brand on the match shirts. EasyToys refers to a webshop where sextoys, lingerie, condoms, bondage and sm articles are sold.

The match clothing must be in accordance with the Statutes, regulations and decisions of the KNVB (Article 6 paragraph 1 Paid Football Matches Regulations). All clubs – and therefore FC Emmen – have agreed to these regulations

These regulations stipulate that sponsor statements may not be in conflict with:

The law
Public order or morality
The Dutch Advertising Code
The good taste or decency
The statutes and regulations of the KNVB
Decisions of the Board of Professional Football