KNVB from criticism of coronameasures government: ‘This is no longer to follow’

The KNVB is very concerned about the current situation in amateur football. Millions of amateur players are currently at home without training. Matches don‘t seem to be able to continue until mid-January.

Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of amateur football of the KNVB, talks with Voetbal International that he is concerned about the current situation. โ€œWe also understand that everyone gets taps and we have to get out of this together. But this can no longer be followed,โ€ says Van der Zee. โ€œWe have all kinds of research on the shelf that if you play football there is hardly any chance of infection, when do you really have physical contact? Yes, at the corners for a moment.โ€
Van der Zee indicates that he felt there were few infections on the football fields. โ€œWe had it really good for each other. Apparently, a picture has emerged that contamination has arisen in canteens and traffic flows. By who? What do you mean? The closure of canteens is causing a decrease in turnover of almost four million euros per week in amateur football alone.โ€
Especially the lack of evidence bothers Van der Zee. โ€œI don’
t understand why you can‘t play football outside right now. Training can be done very often in other countries. We have a very separate rule with groups of four and in the meantime two at one and a half meters. That’s translating a streetscape into a sporting image, that‘s not what I’m saying. I am surprised that you are allowed to exercise inside now, that gyms just go crazy, and that people do go to churches.โ€