KNVB is working on full Arena in June: ‘Thanks to vaccination and testing possibilities’

The KNVB hopes that the EK matches in the Johan Cruijff Arena of this summer can be played for a full stadium. Gijs de Jong, tournament director of the four matches in Amsterdam, thinks that some things will be possible.

An empty stadium seems to be excluded anyway. โ€œWe think that this should be possible in June thanks to the vaccination and testing possibilities,โ€ says De Jong to Voetbal International. โ€œAll unions are unanimous: especially with one and a half meters in eight, limited audiences should be able to do so in June anyway, because many unions and clubs proved that last summer. But we are ambitious and want more.โ€
The conditions in the 12 different playing cities could be different. โ€œWe will see with the other organising unions whether we can find any form of agreement,โ€ explains the tournament director on behalf of the KNVB. โ€œWe also think it would be right to go to the table with all the Ministers of Health. For example, before the group phase, we need to think about whether admitting foreign visitors is justified.โ€
De Jong also says that little or no audience will not mean that the Johan Cruijff Arena or the KNVB will suffer financially. UEFA fully covers the budget and there is a small subsidy.