KNVB wants to extend the test phase with public: ‘Crucial to not stop now’

The KNVB calls on the cabinet to extend the pilot with audience in the stadiums. The Football Association believes that the test phase has only just begun and that it would be a shame to end it again after one week of trying.
After the nine Eredivisie matches and the round in the Kitchen Champion Division scheduled next week, testing with audience in the football stadiums would come to an end. In conversation with DeccEit, the KNVB calls on the politics in The Hague to extend this. It is crucial at this stage for the operation and logistics around the rapid testing process to continue and not to stop.
In Zeist they only heard positive sounds this weekend. It turned out that everything went fine at the stadiums. At the entrance, it took a little longer, but everyone was in place on time. However, we note that the app that regulates testing around events with an audience does not work flawlessly everywhere. Thats why extra testing is wise.
In addition to more intensive testing, financial support for football clubs is also a reason for the KNVB to make this request to The Hague. It is desirable for the industry to receive public at this stage. Also in view of perspective and loyalty towards the fans and supporters, it is nice to receive a limited audience.