Koeman cooperates with injured Barรงa attacker: ‘Poor boy, it takes a long time’

Ronald Koeman sympathizes with Ansu Fati. The eighteen-year-old FC Barcelona attacker was injured by his meniscus in November of last year and is no longer in action this season. The recovery is less prosperous than initially thought.
Fati was operated on his knee for the fourth time on Thursday, leaving the European Championships and the Olympic Games on the run for the young Spaniard. For the fourth procedure, Fati travelled to Porto, where he was treated by Dr. Jose Carlos Noronha, a trusted physician of Cristiano Ronaldo.
Koeman sucks with Fati. At first it was thought that the Barรงa attacker could come back into action at the end of this season. โ€œIt‘s a pity that we have to miss a player like him for so long,โ€ says Koeman at the press conference for the match against Atlรฉtico Madrid, quoted by Diario SPORT. โ€œBut the most important thing is that he recovers well so he can play again soon.โ€
That the recovery takes longer than planned, Koeman finds it particularly annoying for Fati himself. โ€œPoor boy, it’
s taking a long time… Things haven‘t gone well, but that’s all I want to say about it. Five, six months is a long time. But the most important thing now is that he will recover well,โ€ concludes the Dutch practice master.