Koeman gets kick after: ‘Every week without Xavi was a lost week at Barça’

Victor Font, who ran for president at FC Barcelona, is happy that Xavi is the new trainer of the Catalan club. The 49-year-old Spaniard claims that Ronald Koeman had to be fired a lot earlier.
In March this year, Font competed with Joan Laporta for the presidency at Barcelona. The latter eventually came out as the winner. Font made no secret during his campaign that he wanted to appoint Xavi as a trainer. Laporta initially held on to Koeman, but eventually put the Dutchman on the street. Xavi is now Koeman‘s replacement.
At RAC1 Font talks about the appointment of the former midfielder. “I’
m very happy to see that what we proposed was done in the end. That may have happened months late. Every week that passed without Xavi being in charge of this project was a lost week.”
Font states that he would have sent Koeman out of the avenue a lot earlier than Laporta. “If we had won, Xavi would have arrived in the summer,” he concludes.