Koeman is told about position as head coach: ‘Then we have a problem’

FC Barcelona trainer Ronald Koeman does not worry about his position at the club. In a few days‘ time, the presidential elections at Barรงa will be on the agenda. There is a possibility that new President will trade in Koeman for another trainer.

โ€œI’m not worried about it,โ€ says Koeman about his position as head coach at the press conference, quoted by Mundo Deportivo. According to several rumors, Koeman may no longer be working at Camp Nou after the presidential election. โ€œMy motivation is the same from day one. I knew when I arrived that it was difficult for Covid to be trainer of Barcelona. I want to be here, and this is my job. If I don‘t see a future for myself here, then we have a problem. Because I have another year of contract.โ€
Koeman emphasizes that he has not yet spoken to any of the presidential candidates. โ€œI haven’
t spoken to anyone. We have to wait who will be president and what his plan is. If we know who it‘s gonna be, he’s gonna have to show me the way. But that‘s for next week. Wednesday is an important game (against Seville in the Copa del Rey, red.) on which I focus.โ€
Barcelona will compete against Seville on Wednesday in the Spanish Cup tournament. In its own house, Koeman’
s formation has to make up for a 2-0 backlog. Barcelona is also getting better in the competition. The club has climbed to second place. The backlog on leader Atlรฉtico Madrid is five points. Atlรฉtico has played less game.