Koeman responds to PSG flirt: Dont know if it was their intention

That Paris Saint-Germain openly flirts with Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona trainer Ronald Koeman does nothing. It is suggested that PSG wants to bring Barcelona out of balance. The two clubs meet in the eighth final of the Champions League.

PSG President Nasser-Al Khalaรฏfi recently said that players like Messi are โ€œalways on the PSG list.โ€ This is understood as a tactic to disrupt Barcelona. โ€œBut PSG has not brought us out of balance,โ€ Koeman responds to this in Spanish media. โ€œI dont know whether it was their intention or not. Its my job to prepare the players as best as possible for the match. Messi is a player of Barcelona and I hope he will be after the summer.โ€
โ€œHes focused and ready. He is happy and has been doing very well lately,โ€ says Koeman. โ€œIf we can play Messi between the lines, he creates room for the other players. He has a good eye for the game.โ€