Koeman took a risk: ‘You never know, after three months of absence’

FC Barcelona trainer Ronald Koeman seems to be able to focus entirely on domestic matches with his team. Paris Saint-Germain rolled over the Catalans in Camp Nou and won 1-4: well earned, recognizes Koeman.

Barcelona and PSG went to rest with a 1-1 intermediate position, but after that the power difference became clear. Especially in the second half, they showed that they are superior: to the ball, but above all physically, Koeman is quoted by Marca. They prove they‘re a more complete team than we are. We have to accept that, to improve ourselves. This could happen sometime. This team is ahead of us.
The trainer still has a glimmer of hope for the return, but seems to accept that the Champions League adventure is over. We are now short of top level, especially in the Champions League, says Koeman, who took a gamble beforehand and drafted Gerard Piqué. On 21 November, the 34-year-old defender suffered a knee injury against Atlético Madrid, was thrown back to the lions against PSG, and held on until minute 78. You never know when the right moment will arrive after three months of absence. But he had a good feeling about it. Later he got some trouble again. Then you don’
t take risks, with such a big backlog.
PSG and Barcelona will play part two of their eighth final diptych on Wednesday 10 March. The Catalans are allowed to lick the wounds in their own home: PhD candidate Cádiz is coming to Camp Nou on Sunday.