Kojima Productions team open to ‘new forms of enterainment’

Head of Communications Kojima Productions Aki Saito decided to answer some questions of VKontakte users, and today the first relevant material was released in the official group of the studio. Players were interested in both the nuances of the life and work of Saito himself and the state of affairs inside Kojima Productions. In particular, is there a recycling studio that cause many scandals.

The specialist noted that they have โ€œdifficult timesโ€ in the company, but in general they try to preserve & laquo; healthy working environmentโ€. At the same time, as almost everywhere, developers work from home, and, apparently, this has its advantages – you do not need to sit in the office for a long time.

But before Hideo Kojima often suited employees special movie screenings โ€” movies were watched together in a large conference room. And after viewing, we were divided into groups and discussed what they saw.

Now due to the pandemic, such events, unfortunately, are not conducted. Many, of course, care about which direction Kojima Productions will move after Death Stranding.

And, alas, there is practically no new information. On the question of whether to expect from Kojima Productions horror (hinting at Silent Hill), Saito replied that the studio still does not know it.

But if something is resolved – it will be reported. In addition, in the future it is possible to create games without an open world on a wide variety of platforms.

At the same time, the developers are ready for โ€œnew forms of entertainment. Also, Saito was asked about Hideo Kojima, asking perhaps one of the most important questions about the game designer: โ€œKojima genius? โ€ I think so! Aki SaitoAt the same time, Saito adds that working with Kojima, including regular conversations or observing his work, is very inspiring.

The game designer has a special vision that the same site does not have. Nowadays, if the insider is to be believed, Kojima Productions is working on an extended edition of Death Stranding for PS4 and PS5 โ€” in it there will be โ€œnew story contentโ€.

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