Kojima was working on a film about a boy soldier, but it had to be canceled

In 2001, on November 13, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the cult stealth thriller Hideo Kojima and Konami studio, was released. And in honor of the twentieth anniversary of his famous project, the legendary developer spoke about unknown historical events. As it turned out, at one time Kojima tried to make a film with live actors, dedicated to the boy soldier Raiden.

He even edited the material himself, but in the end the film was not approved by the rating committee. Nothing is known about his fate.

Raiden, one of the characters of Metal Gear Solid 2, underwent military training as a child, and became a squad commander when he was 10 years old. Probably, it was the hero‘s difficult childhood that caused the disapproval of the rating agency.

As Kojima recalls, MGS2 was a special game in which developers expanded many aspects of the gameplay and narratives. This includes 60fps performance, full-scale motion capture, full-scale military training, an impressive display of New York City and tankers.

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