Konami tells how cross-play in eFootball will be built

Konami announced the other day that instead of Pro Evolution Soccer will be releasing an shareware eFootball simulator with paid add-ons โ€” one of them will be Master League mode. Now, the company has decided to answer a number of the most frequent questions. The concern of players was the fact that through cross-play, PlayStation, Xbox and PC owners will have to meet whoever plays on smartphones.

However, the company assured that there would be no โ€œviolentโ€ downgrading of the graphics in this case. Moreover, the game was originally made on the console, and only later ported to iOS and Android.

Players will be able to choose which platforms and regions they would like to meet in matches. Konami plans to carefully work out all aspects of matchmaking, but there are plenty of filters for players to customize themselves.

Starting Early Autumn will be a demo version in some ways. The company wants to get to know the game as soon as possible, so that eFootball will release with a limited number of teams and modes and no microtransactions.

But content, including payable, will gradually be added. As far as footballers are concerned, Pro Evolution Soccer games have relied on the lottery.

In eFootball, this approach will change, and Match Pass will help to get favorite players. It will also be shared on paid and free and draw on the number of matches played.

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