‘Kong: Skull Island’ director develops with Netflix film adaptation of Gundam

Netflix and Legendary engaged in creating a film adaptation of the Gundam franchise โ€” the tape is directed by Jordan Wot-Roberts (โ€œKong: Skull Islandโ€). Brian K. Vaughn (โ€œY.

The Last Manโ€), although the plot details are kept secret at the same time. The tape will be released exclusively on Netflix, and in China the film will show the same Legendary in the cinema.

The premiere date for the project is not yet. Whether the action of the picture will unfold in the time of the original anime or not is unclear.

The universe itself, in particular, tells about the war in the future between the colony of the Earth and directly inhabitants of the planet – in the confrontation with huge combat robots involved. The franchise itself originated in 1979 and continues to be active until now.

Wot-Roberts himself is also responsible for developing the film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. More on CCeit Owners PS5 in Final Fantasy XIV will be able to choose 1080p, 1440p or 4K Tom Hiddleston hinted that the essence of โ€œLokiโ€ reflected in the logo of the series Nacon announced the week racing โ€” wait for news about new Test Drive and WRC.