Koolwijk fears end professional career after Verbeek statements: ‘Little Trenty’

Ryan Koolwijk also came as a surprise: Gertjan Verbeeks announcement that he did not have to rely on a base place near Almere City. Both sides decided to split up and the midfielder fears that his professional career is over.
The 36-year-old Rotterdammer was a fixture with Almere for a long time, but after the winning out game at Roda JC (3-4) Verbeek told him he won
t have to count on a base place in the coming period. โ€œThe trainer said that he was not satisfied with the dynamics in the midfield, that he was looking for a different interpretation and that I could count on fewer playing minutesโ€, Koolwijk starts talking with the Algemeen Dagblad.
Striking, since Koolwijk has been called to participate in the Gold Cup with Suriname. In hindsight, Koolwijk indicates that there were some omens anyway. โ€œThat started with the message that I would participate in the Gold Cup with Suriname this summer. The trainer could have been happy for me because its an honor for me to be able to represent my country. He told me that the preparation, which I would miss, would determine his basic setup. It already expressed little confidence afterwards.โ€
If there
s another pro club for him, Koolwijk isnt sure. โ€œI can certainly handle the level, Ive noticed that over the past few weeks. But if nothing happens, Im going to look for a club with the amateurs, because I want to keep playing football for the time being. Its going to be exciting weeks for me,โ€ thats how he ends.