Kraay jr. reports Plan A and potential base of NEC: ‘Company found’

NEC is accelerating its stadium plans, reports Hans Kraay junior Friday night. De Goffert has been rejected after the infamous derby against Vitesse, but the Nijmegen men hope to have found a solution on January 15, when they play against Heracles Almelo at home.
General Manager Wilco van Schaik already expressed the hope that the first home game after the winter break could be played with fans in De Goffert or at an alternative location. According to Kraay, theres a shot in the case. โ€œThey found a company that they think can save everything within forty days. That everything is just safe and can be checkedโ€, the analyst will know in the ESPN studio on Friday.
NEC previously philosophized about the construction of an emergency stadium, but according to Kraay, an alternative Plan B was chosen: to move to a neighbouring amateur club. โ€œAt Quick Nijmegen, that
s four hundred meters away from them. Or at Hatert, then theyre going to put some emergency stands in it. But the priority is to finish the stadium first match after the winter break.โ€
Before the time comes, NEC will play for empty stands, in connection with the lockdown measures extended until 18 December. On Friday evening, SC Cambuur is the opponent in De Goffert.